During the first of two, 2.5-hour sessions, inventory managers from practices that are just starting IDEXX Cornerstone® Practice Management Software inventory management will learn to set up the features and defaults necessary to begin successfully tracking and using the inventory module in their practice. The second 2.5-hour course walks inventory managers through inventory management work flow, including creating and completing purchase orders, receiving inventory and posting receipts, maintaining quantity on hand, and other important inventory transactions as well as how to review available inventory reports in their real practice data files.

Dates available for customer scheduling. Please email CornerstoneCoach@idexx.com for more information.

Course Sections:
  • Phases and Setup
  • Defaults and Security Setup
  • Purchase
  • Receive
  • Deplete/Adjust/Move
  • Helpful Peer Tips

  1. Cornerstone® 8.3 NEXT or greater installed at practice.
  2. Decision to use Cornerstone single location inventory.
  3. Access to inventory features, which means inventory security has been turned on for inventory management staff.
  4. Invoice item setup knowledge and experience; this includes how to maintain classifications and subclassifications.
  5. Knowledge of non-software, basic inventory management processes such as efficient physical counts, properly receiving inventory and communication between the staff using inventory and inventory management staff.

To Register: Call your Computer Services Representative at 1-800-283-8386 for more information
Duration: 5 hours
Fee: $650

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Unable to attend? Please call your Coaching Coordinator to discuss rescheduling.