This 6-hour course is conducted over two sessions. Managers, doctors and practice owners will learn to efficiently set up background features in the IDEXX Cornerstone® Practice Management Software for effective management and use of electronic medical records, including user-defined prompts, instructions and diagnostic codes. Managers, doctors and practice owners will also complete electronic medical record setup, focusing on vital signs, document templates (such as digital medical notes, release forms and other important documents) as well as critical practice default settings.

Dates available for customer scheduling. Please email for more information.

Course Sections:
  • Electronic Medical Record Overview
  • Electronic Medical Record Strategy
  • Customization of templates
  • Setup and Defaults

  1. Cornerstone® 8.3 NEXT or greater installed at practice.
  2. Basic Cornerstone navigation.
  3. Access to set up Cornerstone features, which means security for electronic medical record setup.
  4. Basic Cornerstone setup knowledge: invoice items, departing instructions and prescription instructions.

To Register: Call your Computer Services Representative at 1-800-283-8386 for more information
Duration: 6 hours
Fee: $780

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