The clinical findings and diagnostic tools available to more reliably diagnose kidney disease in hyperthyroid cats will be reviewed. Treatment options and management goals for cats with concurrent chronic kidney disease (CKD) and hyperthyroidism will be emphasized. A clinical case will illustrate how SDMA guided diagnosis and management of the hyperthyroid patient with concurrent CKD. 

Discussion Topics:

  • Describe the clinical features of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and feline hyperthyroidism, noting where they overlap.
  • Identify the challenges of recognizing kidney disease in hyperthyroid cats.
  • Review the IDEXX SDMA® Test and why it is a more reliable indicator of kidney function than traditional diagnostics in hyperthyroid cats.
  • Review in depth the management goals and treatment options for cats with concurrent CKD and hyperthyroidism.
  • Present a clinical case of feline hyperthyroidism illustrating how SDMA helped diagnose concurrent kidney disease for improved patient management.