Making Sense of Ehrlichiosis

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In this hour-long talk, we will provide an overview of ehrlichiosis as both a potential pathogen of pets and as a zoonotic agent. We will review tick transmission as well relevant tick species, geography, and seasonality. We’ll present each of the three most relevant potential pathogens—E. canis, E. ewingii, and E. chaffeensis—including disease manifestations. We’ll discuss diagnosis and treatment of ehrlichiosis, as well as the clinical utility of screening tests and the appropriate course of action when a healthy dog tests positive.

• Understand relatedness, transmission, geography, and seasonality of ehrlichial pathogens.
• Recognize the disease manifestations of different Ehrlichia species.
• Understand the diagnostic testing and the limitations of tests for ehrlichial infection.
• Understand the use of screening tests and how positive results should be interpreted in healthy-looking dogs.