Advances in Kidney Diagnostics

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This presentation discusses the importance of kidney disease, current kidney diagnostics, including SDMA (symmetric dimethylarginine), a biomarker specific to kidney function that increases earlier than creatinine in chronic kidney disease (CKD). The presentation also presents the International Renal Interest Society(IRIS) guidelines to assist veterinarians in the management of their kidney cases, followed by patient case studies illustrations. Learning objectives: o Describe the significance of kidney disease detection in our patients. o Define SDMA and its three key attributes. o Explain the guidelines for chronic kidney disease (CKD) per the International Renal Interest Society (IRIS). o Highlight how SDMA has been incorporated into all steps of the IRIS CKD guidelines. o Use a case example showing how to use SDMA to help diagnose, stage, and treat CKD. - Q&A