Exam Room Heroes: Communication that Improves Outcomes for Pets and Practice

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Attendees will learn how to correctly structure the exam room visit to maximize both the effectiveness of the clinical component and the relational component of the process. The seven steps have been developed based on the speaker’s 20-year career working in the exam room, as well as careful study and observation of over 2,000 veterinary examinations with almost 100 different doctors and technicians. Attendees will leave with a clear plan of action to help improve clinical care, client satisfaction, and financial performance without negatively impacting ethical concerns or professional values.

  • Attendees will learn some human psychology factors that influence a client’s likelihood of following a veterinarian’s advice, as well as a new formula that must be met in order for clients to say Yes to a doctor’s recommendation.
  • Attendees will learn a repeatable seven-step formula that has been developed and tested after observation of over 2,000 veterinary examinations and subsequently deployed in multiple hospitals around the world.