Veterinary practice owner Dr. Julie Miles and social media expert Emma Lishness share how to help get your clients to say yes to preventive care diagnostics. The session will include pet-owner research on effective messaging and communication, best practices for compliance, and tips and tools for social media. Preventive care diagnostics help discover treatable issues earlier and are not only an important part of yearly wellness examinations; they are also a crucial part of building client loyalty and driving long-term practice success.

Discussion Topics:

  • The importance of strategic pricing for your practices.
  • How the human-animal bond has changed, and how it is opening up the veterinary care market to provide new and additional services.
  • How recent pet-owner research can help your practice staff talk with pet owners, particularly millennial pet owners, about the importance of including preventive care diagnostics in their pets’ wellness visits.
  • How pet-owner communications can help educate on the value of preventive care diagnostics before a wellness visit.
  • How to use social media best practices to help set client expectations about visits and services.
  • How to use the tools available at to help your practice relate the value of preventive care diagnostics to pet owners.