Watch Your Step! A Playground for Parasites

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Co-sponsored with Elanco

In this 60-minute presentation, Elanco and IDEXX collaborate to bring you the results of a groundbreaking study that shows parasites are more common than you may think. As pets have become active members of the family, the popularity of dog parks, along with pet travel and pet activities, has exploded. Given recent lifestyle changes, people are spending more time with their dogs at home and outside, including more frequent walks and visits to parks. While dog parks fulfill the need for pet and human socialization, they also involve an elevated risk of exposure to intestinal parasites. A recently published, first-of-its-kind study, explored intestinal parasitism at dog parks in 30 major metropolitan areas across the continental United States. This study demonstrated that more than 1 in 5 dogs visiting dog parks was infected with at least one intestinal parasite, highlighting the importance of regular screening—even in dogs on preventives—combined with a comprehensive parasite prevention strategy.

Discussion Topics:

  • Understand the scope of parasite prevalence in pet-owned dogs visiting public spaces in the United States, as well as how prevalence varies by geographic region.
  • Describe the different intestinal parasite testing methods and their associated benefits.
  • Recognize the most common intestinal parasites in dogs as well as which pose zoonotic risk.
  • Understand the impact of compliance with intestinal parasite preventives on the prevalence of intestinal parasites.
  • Describe how to successfully implement a comprehensive parasite testing and broad-spectrum preventive strategy for your patients.